Highest Paying Savings Accounts

Banks just started offering high paying savings accounts that earn 10x more interest than the average account. Continue reading to find out how to qualify for a high rate today.

Most people know that traditional savings accounts hardly pay any interest. Today, the average interest rate is .05%, a figure that won’t even put a dent in annual inflation rates and begs the question, ‘why even have a savings account?’ What most don’t know is that major banks just started offering higher paying savings accounts that, in many cases, pay over 10x more interest than the average account.

We’ve researched the highest paying savings accounts to create the following list of savings accounts that carry the maximum FDIC guarantee of $250,000. You’d be in a great spot if you opened an account to take advantage of today’s high rates before they decrease.


If you are shocked by these rates compared to the national averages, you’re not alone. Most people think to themselves ‘why didn’t I open one of these to begin with?’ The truth is, banks have just recently started offering rates this good again.

In today’s low interest and high inflation rate environment, everything you do can make a difference and at over 10x the national average rate, these bank accounts will save you more than a little.


Our job is to find you the best rates possible. If you need any assistance, please feel free to reach out to us using our contact form or the chat box on the right.