How to Save $1000 To Prepare For A Recession

It’s a harsh reality that experts everywhere believe the economy is headed for a major recession in the next 6 months.

With inflation driving up food and housing costs, layoffs happening across numerous industries, and gas prices at all-time highs, it’s time to get yourself prepared for more difficult times ahead – and trust us, your future self is going to thank you.

The good news is, it’s not as difficult as you might think. We’ve put together a few quick, easy, and free moves that will set you up nicely for when times get tough.

Let’s get started…

Step 1: Open A New Savings Account and Deposit $10 Today

$10 may not seem like much, but the simple act of putting any small amount of money away will help to build the habit of having a separate nest egg. 

We recommend opening a CD account from the list below, so you won’t be tempted to withdraw it the next time you need a little extra cash. 

To help make the process easier, we’ve gathered rates from thousands of banks and credit unions across the United States and picked the top accounts that will earn the highest rates and have no minimum deposit requirements or fees.

You might be saying to yourself, $10 won’t change my life…but the ease of having a separate place to put your new savings set up for the future definitely will.

So scroll back up and take the 5 minutes to open your account right now before moving on to step 2, and trust us, this is an essential first step and the momentum you need to set yourself up for future success.

Ok…now that you know where you are going to put your extra savings, it’s time to move on to the next step that will help you generate some extra cash to put aside. 

Step 2: Save Up To $610 By Finding A New Car Insurance Provider

Here’s the thing – your current car insurance company is probably overcharging you because they think you won’t spend the time to compare rates… And until now, maybe they were right?

Instead use a website called Simple Auto Rates to see all of your options at once.

Simple Auto Rates is the largest online marketplace for insurance in the United States, so you’ll get the top options from more than 175 different carriers handed right to you.

Take a couple of minutes to answer some questions about yourself and your driving record. With this information, Simple Auto Rates will be able to give you the top recommendations for car insurance. 

In just a few minutes, you could save up to $610 per year. You can click here to visit their site and get your completely free quotes today.

Step 3: Pay Off Your Credit Cards Bill & Prepare For A Rainy Day

If you’re like most of us, you know what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck and carry a credit card balance. You do your best to make the most of your money, but inevitably, the unexpected happens and you get a little behind.

Credit cards charge crazy high interest rates, sometimes over 20%. Luckily we’ve found much better places to pay off your debt over time with access to historically low rates. 

A website called Personal Loan Pros can connect you to lenders that are willing to let you borrow up to $40,000, even if you have fair or bad credit.

It takes just a couple of minutes to complete the online request form for a loan or cash advance. And you could get your funds as soon as tomorrow depending on how long it takes your bank to complete the transaction.

Even if you don’t have any credit card debt, you never know when you’re one emergency away from getting into a bad spot. With a looming recession right around the corner, it’s helpful to know how much you could potentially borrow based on your income and credit score so like the saying goes…”be prepared for a rainy day”.

So regardless of whether you have debt today, or just want to be ready for what could come your way, get a free quote from Personal Loan Pros today to make sure you’re covered.

How To Get Started Preparing

It’s human nature to put things off, but if you’ve made it this far it’s clear you care about you and your family's future and want to protect them for the worst to come. 

These simple, quick, and easy steps will put you in a significantly better spot, so make sure to take advantage of them before moving on with your day. 

So don’t hesitate and take the first and most important step in opening up your new CD account with one of the trusted banks below. It only takes a few minutes and your future self will thank you…good luck!!