Seniors Are Saving Thousands With New Medicare Options (See If You Qualify)

If you’re seeing this page, it means you’re already one step ahead of most people. Given the importance of Medicare, it’s critical to select the right plan for your needs. When making this decision, search for Medicare Plans that are budget friendly, and cover all the essential and additional expenses that you may have to incur.

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There is much discourse over the merits of the Medicare policy of the US government and how it can be used to provide guaranteed health insurance to the marginalized group of the society. the other great concern of the policy is to provide an extremely affordable and cost-effective insurance solution to the citizens.

The importance of Medicare can be understood from the fact that the Medicare program is the single largest federal health insurance program that pays the biggest amount of health insurance in the US. As a matter of rule, Medicare is available only to citizens above the age of 65. For those below the age of 65, the program is available only to people suffering from specific conditions such as disabilities as well as end-stage renal diseases.

Almost about 3 months before a US citizen turning 65, they are notified about the Medicare plan. There are also provided with the option of choosing from the various benefits under the different schemes. They can choose a plan suited to their requirements.

So how does one choose the best program for themselves? Here are the four types of plans:

Type A Medicare plan: the type A Medicare plan covers all the essential and additional expenses that one may have to incur on their health keeping in mind factors such as old age. Usually, this plan is available to every US citizen free of cost. In some cases, however, the applicant may have to bear a premium, generally when they have not paid Medicare taxes for up to 40 quarters.

A premium usually costs about 422 USD per month. 

Type B Medicare plan:  This plan covers everything from visits to the doctor, expenses incurred on the medical supplies, cautionary services etc. this plan costs a monthly premium of almost about 144.30 USD. It could also be more dependent upon the personal income of the applicant. 

Type C Medicare plan:  The Type C plans are also known commonly as the Medicare advantage plans. They are the Medicare plans that you can avail through private insurance companies. They often cover prescription drugs as well. 

Type D Medicare plan essentially covers the expenses on prescription drugs. 

Since Medicare is predominantly for elderly people, one of the biggest challenges that this program puts forth is that they often have to change the doctor.

One must remember that not all doctors shall accept payments under the Medicare program. In case you need help in deciding which doctor you can go to with your Medicare plan, you can check CMS. This is a special application that allows you to check the doctors and medical practitioners who provide services under the Medicare Program.

The tool works by providing a database of doctors. Once you enter your location, specific conditions and other particulars, it can provide you with search results suited to your requirements.

Having said that it is prudent to note that almost as many as 96% of physicians in the USA accept Medicare.